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Salut! Pompette is eager to delight guests with the lively and inventive experience of authentic French Cuisine. We are excited to introduce ourselves from a safe distance until we can open our doors to the neighbourhood. As a result, we are providing contactless pick-up of our food and drinks. This includes fresh meals and pantry items that can be enjoyed either the same day or throughout the week from the comfort and safety of your home.


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In France, being Pompette means to be in a blissful state.

It is the overwhelming moment one feels when immersed in the pleasures of the senses.

Martine, Jonathan and Maxime are all trained in the great classics of French tradition. Now rooted in Toronto, they see a wonderful opportunity to share their knowledge and passion with the city. The food, wines and cocktails at Pompette represent the union of French tradition with the innovation of new world ‘’Torontonian Fare’’.

We strive to create a uniquely Pompette experience.




From Paris to Toronto


Combining the classic with the contemporary, Pompette is dedicated to providing an experience of pleasure for everyone who walks through its doors. The team is offering a new, sensory experience through an approach that respects the long history of French cuisine.

The Kitchen

Le Goût, Le Goût, Le Goût

Martine Bauer

Her philosophy on French Cuisine: generosity, creativity, curiosity, mastery

Martine Bauer studied French Cuisine before joining Prince Maurice, a Relais & Chateau palace in Mauritius.

While experimenting with all aspects of French gastronomy, she was at the helm of the kitchen at Hôtel de Matignon, the official residence of the Prime Minister.

A lifetime of Martine’s culinary passion and experience will be expressed through the finest ingredients and displayed in the most authentic way possible.


The Bar

Maxime Hoerth

His Philosophy on cocktails: classics, creativity, detail

Maxime specialized in the bar program at the Strasbourg School of Hospitality.

Within 5 years, he was leading the team at the George V in Paris. During this time Maxime won the very sought after title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 2011.

From there he moved on to lead the opening team at the Bar du Bristol.

Maxime describes himself as an insatiably curious mind with a love for the classics, detailed execution and a humble approach to service.



The Wine Cellar

Jonathan Bauer

His philosophy on wine: sincerity, identity, balance

After training as a sommelier at the Strasbourg School of Hospitality, Jonathan set out for Mauritius and established himself in the heart of Prince Maurice, the only Relais & Chateaux on the island.

He promptly went back to France in 2009, where he won the title of Best Young Sommelier, just before joining the reopening team at the Royal Monceau, which was designed by Philippe Starck.

After his tenure at the Royal Monceau, Jonathan teamed up with Daniel Rose, (Le Coucou, NY), who tasked him with the role of Wine Director for his restaurants in Paris, two years prior to winning the title of France’s best sommelier in 2014.


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